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Man ‘o man, I love it when big companies get it right. As in mega-companies. Think “380,000 employees mega”.

Who is the mega-company that just got it right?


And what exactly did they get right?

Two crucially important things “managing” remote workers (I hate that word when used with people).

Here is what they got massively right…

Outcomes versus Hours

Empower people to produce outcomes. Do not pay them by the hour.

Hmmm, been saying that for years and years. Sorry for this…and, oh well, I just have to shout this out – “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”


Trust that people want to excel. They want to do great work. If not, do you really want them working for you by the hour?

Good point, right?

Let them produce the outcomes with their methods and using flex-time. (With the exception of some remote work that may be “emergency driven”).

Here is the blog:

The Best Two Sentence Remote Policy Ever


Thanks for reading…