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Would an AI Boss Be Better Than A Human?

The concept of AI managers is pretty out there, right? This is about a Vancouver, BC company who experimented with AI as a manager of their Team, Fascinating results, especially the hybrid approach!

As in all these cutting edge, new technologies emerging in the AI space, cybersecurity risks are lurking.

The 5 Maverick Rules for Social Media Marketing Success

Social media marketing is not for the faint of heart. Implement these five unconventional techniques into your social media strategy to streamline efforts, reduce stress, and consistently deliver value to your audience.

Tips for Successful Lead Generation (Insights from Experts)

Building a high-quality pipeline is challenging, and Google isn’t making it any easier. Discover nine expert insights from a recent webinar to elevate your lead generation efforts.

Understanding Customer Sentiment: Definition, Measurement Methods, and Best Practices

Customer sentiment measures how customers perceive a company, its offerings, and customer support. When utilized effectively, it enhances customer retention and satisfaction, offers insights for product improvement, and sustains competitive advantage.

Key SEO Metrics That Matter in 2024

Tracking essential metrics is key for maximizing online performance and ensuring sustained SEO success. This article identifies the critical metrics for 2024 that will enhance your SEO performance.

Elements of an Effective Retention Strategy

Amid ongoing reports of the Great Resignation, employers must bolster their retention strategies to avert a mass exodus of talent, which could lead to declines in work quality and operational disruptions.

How Your Email Address Could Be Undermining Trust

Your email address presentation significantly affects how recipients perceive your communications. In an era of cybersecurity concerns and phishing attacks, the choice of email address can either build or undermine trust.

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