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I just read a good Blog from Regus (the global shared office company). Actually 2 blogs.

The first talked about 5 boundaries to set working from home. And who is not working from home (at least part-time), these days?

One idea is a new one for me.  Our Team has been working from home for over 2 decades. I have not commuted in 23 years.

What the Blog suggested was a Fake Commute.

Most people hate their dreaded commute. Hours stuck in traffic every day. What is there to like?

Well, the commute was your time!

Now that you are at home, you need to reclaim your commute time. You do this with a walk around the neighbourhood in the morning before work! Great idea.

To read the rest if the ideas click here:

5 Boundaries Leaders Should Set

The other Regus Blog was about trust. As a leader you must trust your remote workers are productive.

I have written about this before. At ControllershipPLUS we trust our people. Our Team members flex their time. Yet they are super-productive. They get more done working from home.

Check out the “Trust” blog here:

Why CEOs Need to Trust Remote Workers

Thank you Regus for some great Blogs. And thank you dear reader for reading…