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Common sense would dictate that fear as a motivator in business is a really bad idea.

Yet, we all know, a gazillion bosses never got that memo! 

How did that all come about?

By people taking seriously a really evil guy’s advice from about 500 years ago – Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote a book called The Prince where all his “principles” were laid out for others to follow.

It is possible to be loving and firm, and the balance is something we each have to work out for ourselves.

I just read a great Blog on this topic (it is very short, so I would encourage you to read it). It is from a “twenty-something” man, who is letting the world know that love is a much better motivator than fear, especially for younger people. I would add that it is better motivator for ALL people, of any age.

We have certainly experienced that on our Team. Everyone refers to us as a family. I love each and every one of my Team. I work hard for my Team, and they, in turn, work hard for our great clients.

Productivity is high. So is happiness and work fulfillment.

Here is the Blog for you to check out:

Blog on Love Versus Fear

Thanks for reading…