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What is framing in linguistics?

Here is an online definition – “framing is a process whereby communicators, consciously or unconsciously, act to construct a point of view that encourages the facts of a given situation to be interpreted by others in a particular manner”.

Here is my more streetwise definition – you use words in a way that directs people’s thinking to the outcome you are trying to create.

In other words, you say things in a way that resonates with the other’s deepest longings and desires.

In business, you are framing your business all the time. On your website, in your sales pitch, in your emails, in what you say when talking to clients and prospects.

The challenge I see is this…

Most Communication (what you are framing) Are Motherhood Statements

“We provide better products and service than the competition”.

“We make better widgets than any company in this region”.

“We have been in business 35 years”.

…you get the idea…

These statements do not inspire anyone to act! They do not resonate with what the customer is looking for!

Weak Framing Sounds Like This

Framing in business helps us fill in this gap:

“I buy the products from this business because _______”.

Using the above fill-in-the-blank sentence, I will fill in the motherhood statements above.

“I buy the products from this business because they have been in business for 30 years”.

“I buy the products from this business because they make better widgets”.

“I buy the products from this business because they provide better products than the competition”.

Framing connects the dots from what you want people to think about your business and the subsequent actions they will take.

Does anyone think that framing your business using the kind of weak statements above will inspire prospects to take action?

No, right?

An Example of Strong Framing

I know that I have effectively and powerfully framed our business if a client says this about us:

“I buy the services of CPLUS because they took the burden of accounting off my shoulders for a Fixed Fee. On top of that they coach me by the numbers every month so I run a better business”.

Framing Re-Directs the Conversation

When you take control of the conversation about your business you direct people’s thoughts away from the competition. You shape outcomes.

Your business becomes the solution to the problem they are seeking to solve.

Done successfully, price becomes less of a focus.

When you cannot powerfully frame why prospects should buy from you, then you are equal to everyone else.

My Coaching

Find the biggest problem people are trying to solve by buying your products or service.

Identify the biggest common frustrations people have in your industry.

It could be things like – slow delivery, hourly billing versus fixed prices, surly service, dirty worksites left by blue collar trades people.

Whatever the top three frustrations are, create systems and ways of delivering your products and services that take away those top frustration in your industry.

Finally, frame what you do using powerful, attention-grabbing words that will direct people to take action. To engage with you and buy from you.

Thank you for reading…