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What is the greatest thing in your business? The tools you use?

Nobody Cares What Tools You Use

Imagine you are a home builder. And, you have the absolute best tools in that industry. You have the Triple A, skookum, best-in-class power widget tools out there.

Maybe you have custom tools that no one in your industry even heard of.

Does your customer care?


Sorry. No.

I can prove it. A guru home builder has the ability to make you a stunning home with a hammer, and handsaw. You see where this is going, don’t you?

It is so easy to make this mistake, though.

I do it all the time. When we started our amazing, skookum, best-in-class outsourced, online, fixed-fee accounting service 20 years ago, NO ONE was doing it.

We developed custom scanning/upload software to do it.

We were immensely proud of that, and our custom servers, and dual monitors (at a time when most considered that wasted screen real estate). So…we…talked…about…our Cool Tools.

We signed up clients, but not because of our cool tools.

Nobody Cares How Great Your Team Is

Ok, so you zip your lip on the cool tool topic. Great!

Do you think your customers/prospects want to know how amazing and skilled and peachy your Team is?

I could talk about our amazing Team for hours. Why? Well, they are simply amazing. And I am proud of them.

Prospects do not care. Why not?

They do not know them like you do. You might as well talk about how cute your children are!

They do not care. Sorry.

Nobody Cares About your Systems, Features, Price, How Long You Have Been in Business…

You can tell that headline could be 9 miles long, right?

This blog could have been one sentence long. Nobody cares – gives 2 cents – about you, or your business.

That is really the truth, isn’t it?

Selling is exactly like dating.

The person you are interested in dating is not interested in anything about you. Yet. That will come.

They want to know what difference dating you will make in their life. What experiences you will bring. The fun. The joy. The laughter. The romance. The future. The children. Ok, you get the idea…

Prospects Have One Thing. And They Are Looking to You for One Thing Only

Prospects have a problem. In many cases they do not know they have a problem.

Your job is to uncover it. Your job is to be the solution.

Talking about the tools you use, the Terrific Team you have, or any other feature is of zero interest to them.

They need to hear you say exactly what their problem is. They want you to say it in a way they can hear it. (They may be embarrassed about their “problem”).

You have to find their pain.


Because emotions are involved. They want to feel great about their decisions.

Great selling can be summed up as:

  1. Find their problem
  2. Find their pain
  3. Be the solution that makes them feel excited

Do you never talk about your great Tools, Team, and Techniques?

If they ask. But keep it short and focused on the results/solution you will bring to resolve their pain and have them feel excited again.

Thanks for reading…