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Submitting expenses can be a pain…

For you. For your employee. For your accountant.

With Xero Expenses it is easy to submit expenses.

Why use Xero Expenses?

Let me give you 3 reasons…

Reason #1 – It is Super Easy for Your Employee

With Xero Expenses you start by adding your employee as a user in Xero. You assign them “expenses”.

In the set-up you only need to give them “coding” access to the accounts they will use most of the time.

I will explain.

For instance, a salesperson will have expenses in just a few areas. Things like meals, mileage, auto repairs, office supplies, and maybe advertising.

You can “assign” just those 5 accounts to this employee. They do not need to go hunting through your entire Chart of Accounts to figure out where to code the receipts.

Now, here is where it gets cool.

Your employee just has to download the Xero Expenses app from Google Play or Apple Store.

From there they snap a pic of a receipt.

The software will extract the details for them – date, amount, vendor, and GST.

The employee checks for accuracy. They then code it to one of those 5 assigned accounts.

They hit submit.

Boom. Done. That was easy.

Reason #2 – It is Super Easy for You the Manager/Owner

Your employees have submitted the expenses.

You are an “approver”.

All you need to do is look at the expenses. Keep in mind all the receipts get attached for ease of review.

You hit the “approve” button on each receipt.

The items go to “bills to pay”.

Reason #3 – Plooto Makes it Easy to Pay

So far what has happened is that your employee has snapped pics of receipts on their smartphone. They have coded them.

You have reviewed and approved.

Now, your bill-payer software, Plooto takes over.

Plooto takes a look automatically inside Xero to check for bills to be paid.

It pulls over all the “approved” receipts for that employee.

In Plooto you look and pay those amounts. You can even take a last-minute peak at the receipts attached to each expense. All inside Plooto (it pulls the receipt with the amount to be paid).

You hit, “pay”.

Boom. Employee paid.

But wait! Plooto is not done yet.

It records the payment inside of Xero for you.

The cycle is complete.

Thanks for reading…