Zooming is Now to Video Meetings What Kleenex is to Tissue

Zoom is now a global household word, kind of like Kleenex is to tissues.

This blog is a catch-all of all things Zoom…


Zoom Phone

We are, as readers of this blog know, pioneers (a wee bit ahead of early adopters).

The instant I heard Zoom was adding phoning we jumped on it. I think we were one of their first clients!

Why Zoom phone?

Here are a few benefits:

  1. You can switch from a phone call to a meeting with the click of a button
  2. You can add your own “music on hold” or business building tips, or promos for your new products
  3. You can transfer calls between Team members
  4. You can add a phone number to a Team Member in another country. Then when you call, or a client calls them, it is a local, seamless call
  5. You can see when someone is “away”, “available”, on a call, in a meeting, and so on
  6. You can set holiday hours

The above are a few that come to my mind, there are more.

Each Zoom phone line costs $15/ month USD.

Zoom Fatigue

Ever hear the term “Zoom fatigue”? I have…

Comes from endless Zoom video meetings throughout the day.

How can you avoid?

Do more audio-only calls. Shorten meeting times.

Set an agenda.

As it turns out, some people – extroverts mostly – do not get Zoom fatigue! They get energized by meeting with people online.

Check it out here:

What People Really Think About Hybrid Work?

Zoom did an extensive survey of people working from home due to “you know what”.

It is revealing. It depends on age, sex, and other factors what the trends are. Some people want to get back to office to work. Others want a hybrid.

Here are the details:

Thanks for reading…