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Josanne Holland, Client and Contractor Services

I have been leading workshops and Seminars in the area of business for the last 10 years. I am passionate about awesome customer service and helping Teams communicate effectively. In our Team Advisory Board we help our clients leverage their people to own the business Vision/Mission and produce greater results.

This is just one of many tools that we have developed to lay the foundation for structures that work – and increase the profitability of the companies we work with. When the finances give the certainty to focus on what business owners do best, running their own companies with the strong support of their team, the freedom can re-emerge that we went into business for in the first place. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing that fire shine in the eyes of an owner who was resigned about where things were headed.

Even when my husband and I go on vacation we look for indications of what businesses work and which ones don’t. Whether it is a fitness Club, a restaurant, a service provider, a hotel.

On a personal note, I love Greece, kayaking, hiking, sharing books and reading with my husband. And bringing friends with us to show them what companies work!