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I’ve always had a knack for numbers, an eye for detail, and an analytical computing mind. My degree in Management Information Systems and years of accounting experience only strengthened this passion and skill set. Doing what I love as my daily work is a privilege and opportunity for me to give back to others and the businesses I work with.

My measure of success is not how much I have but how much I’ve contributed and what I’ve become — how I can contribute to my family, my career and our society.

Combining self-growth and helping others is something I always try to foster for my two sons as well. They love playing and always helping in their baseball league. I also participate in the league’s board and assist the coaches by managing their team.

I also love spending my spare time being creative at home, from baking and cooking to tackling different DIY projects. The one thing I love doing the most is spending time with my family. We especially like to travel and enjoy new experiences together.