Why Systems?

Systems – to be effective – must be (1) simple, (2) detailed, and, (3) duplicable.

The heart of systems are Performance Standards. To elevate a company from mediocre to Great, Performance Standards must be related to physical reality. In other words, you know when they are being followed if you videotaped someone adhering to them.

They must be detailed enough – in a simple Step-by-Step format – that anyone could re-create them if you gave your Performance Standards to someone to follow.

Let’s look at an example:

Here’s a Performance Standard that would be hard to re-create consistently: Be Friendly to our Customers.

Contrast that to our detailed Performance Standards for greeting a client at our offices:

1. Our receptionist should be told each morning, the names & times of the people you are expecting to come in each day. This way our receptionist can greet our clients by name as soon as they walk in the door.

2. If you are the first person to see a client, smile walk up to them and introduce yourself with a handshake. The client will most likely respond with their name. Of course, if you know their name greet them by name straight away.

3. Ask the client if they have an appointment and whom they are here to see. If the client does not have an appointment find out if you can help them, or get the appropriate person who can.

4. If they do have an appointment, take the client into our client room. Give the client our Menu to choose a coffee, latte, snack, soda or juice from. Let the client know you will get the Team Member they are waiting for.

5. Tell the appropriate Team Member straight away that their client is waiting.

6. Then let the client know you have the told the Team Member they are here, and that the Team Member will be along shortly.

7. When your client leaves, always walk them to the front door, thank them for coming, and say goodbye.

As you can see, they are very detailed, to the point that anyone could re-create them exactly without even any training.

Standards must be written, laminated, on people’s desks, framed and posted at the reception area, in the coffee room, put onto business card size handouts.


Because they won’t be implemented otherwise.

And, Failure To Implement is the number One reason that businesses fail. They just don’t do the things they know they must do be great.

More on that in another blog…

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