We All Need an Operating System for Our Business  

If you are like me, you may never, ever want to franchise your business…

However, if you look at your business as if you are keen to franchise it, then everything changes.

And, even if you never franchise, when you look at it this way, what you will gain is:

  1. The ability to delegate more
  2. Repeatable outcomes for your customers/clients
  3. Less stress for your Team who now will be able to look up a system rather than “make it up”
  4. Ease in training new people
  5. Higher goodwill value as your business will likely obtain a higher sales price with great, documented systems in place

Delegate More

When you have a great system with step-by-step instructions you can easily delegate the work (that maybe you thought only you could do!) to someone else.

This will free your time to focus on Vision, Marketing and Implementation

Repeatable Outcomes

The reason people shop at franchises is mostly because they “know what to expect”. Great franchises are miraculously creating the same product over and over again in a predictable way.

The products may not be the highest quality – what you are paying for is reduced risk. You know what you will get from a franchise, you don’t from an independent store.

To test my point, I want you to imagine that I have airdropped you into a small town in Kenya, Africa. And, you see two chicken outlets – one is a clean roadside stand selling chicken. The other is KFC. You are new to Africa and have no way of knowing whether the roadside is even edible chicken or if you will need the teeth of a 12 year-old to gnaw it into bites.

Would you pick KFC? I know I would.

And here’s the thing – the roadside chicken may be way, way better – you just don’t know, and that’s why many of us go for the certain outcome to avoid risk.

When you give your customers repeatable outcomes you create loyalty.

Less Stress for Your Team

Giving great systems to your Team, reduces the stress of having to figure it out on their own.

I have seen so many business owners delegate work without systems and then blame the Team member for producing an inferior outcome. It wasn’t their fault. It is yours.

And, the problem is often the outcome wasn’t wrong – just different – different from the way you would have done it to create a predictable outcome.

Ease in Training

With documented systems it is easier to train people. You don’t have to remember everything. You won’t miss a step this way.

Your new person can refer to the system rather than ask so many questions, which saves you time.

If you incorporated good checklists based on your work-flows and have your Team signoff on each step, you now have an accountability system and an ability to monitor results and breakdowns.

Higher Goodwill

With documented systems, and a well-trained Team who actually follows them rigorously then a buyer will pay you more (all other things considered) for the business if you ever choose to sell it.

Wouldn’t you pay more?

In Summary

Lastly, do not make up your own operating system – it will take you way too much time.

Bring all your systems into a cohesive whole.

This article from INC Magazine recommends two great operating systems for your business:

Business Operating Systems

Thanks for reading…