Remote Workers More Productive than Office Workers

Our company is entirely virtual, we have no office anywhere. And so, some of you reading may think what I am about to say is completely biased.

Well, perhaps not. I just read an in-depth unbiased study done that proves what I already know. Stay tuned I will provide some links further on…

Our Experience at ControllershipPLUS

In our firm everyone is on contract, they work from home, and their fees are fixed, and they are highly productive, dedicated, and loyal.

In fact, we have zero turnover. You read that correctly – zero.

Also, our Team have never taken sick days. Some get sick from time to time and just work through it with the sniffles. They multi-task even on holidays.

They are not micro-managed. They are, in contrast, supported, and encouraged and given what they need to do great work.

We also work as a well-oiled machine meeting on Zoom (video conferencing software) regularly during the week (whenever we need to discuss transactions, or situations that need some dialogue and “face-to-face”). In addition, we have a weekly check-out call with the entire Team on video just chin wagging about anything and getting connected as a whole Team.

We are having our first annual retreat this October, and individual Team members get together for weekend visits because they have become good friends.

We have Team members in Toronto, Victoria, Nanaimo and Comox, as well as Vancouver and even Nairobi, Kenya!

My Business is Too Unique

Ok, so you may be thinking that your business is unique very different from our entirely Internet based, paperless company.

How could this work for you, when you have a production facility or just work that needs physical Teamwork?

Of course, you are partly right – some businesses just cannot have any of it done at home. Just think of the obvious – a taxi company, or a hospital.

However, even inside these 2 extreme examples there are exceptions – the taxi company dispatching could be done from home perhaps, or administrative functions for the hospital.

The Biggest Fear of The Manager of Employees

The biggest fear most managers have when considering having remote workers is – that work just won’t get done. They think of the 3 big distractions many would have – the bed, the fridge and the TV (or today social media).

The second biggest fear is that the Team cohesion will not be there if some of the workers get to work from home.

The Productivity Facts

Economics professor Nicholas Bloom did a study which is revealed in a TEDx Talk (please find link at end of this Blog).

The study was done with a Chinese company called Ctrip, China’s largest travel agency. They were finding that young, primarily call centre workers could not afford to live in Shanghai due to spiralling living costs. Office space was expensive and commuting time excruciating.

Nicholas thought that the results would be about even (some gains, some losses) between the office workers and the at-home workers. The results shocked him. They tipped quite a bit on the side of the remote workers!

Here a few of those amazing results:

  1. A not surprising $1,900 savings in office space costs
  2. A stunning 13.5% increase in productivity over those working in the office
  3. Attrition rates 50% lower

My recommendation to you is to look at who in your company does work that could be done from home, and then start small. Let them work 1 day a week from home as a bonus.

Here are some parameters you could put in place – they must have a dedicated workspace, great Internet connections, and few distractions at home.

In Conclusion

To read the full article (it is short) please click here:


To view the 15 minute TEDx Talk, please click here:


Thanks for reading….