Perceived Indifference


The Number One Reason You Lose Customers and Distributors

In 1997 I came across a survey that gave the reasons why people stop doing business with a business.

It was eye opening. Take at a look at this chart:perceived indifference

A whopping 68% of people (7 out of 10 people!) stop doing business with you or any business because they just don’t feel that you care!

And, what should really open your eyes is that this is the only thing you can do something about.

This survey is old, and yet I believe it is even worse now.

I watched a YouTube Video the other day by a Catholic Priest (Fr. Robert Barron), and he was quoting a survey done by the Church to find out why Catholics stop going to Church.

Now, most of you (even the Church thought this) would have thought that it was the hot button social issues of the day that would have had them drifting away: things like abortion, gay marriage, or women ordination of priests.


According to the survey and I quote Father Barron here, people stopped going to Church because of “bad customer relations”. They were “just treated poorly by Church leaders”.

They said things like: “I just felt undervalued”. I found the Church leaders “arrogant, distant, aloof, and insensitive”. Church staff were “unhelpful over the phone”.

Sound like Perceived Indifference?

So this all-pervasive problem does not just affect businesses, it affects church goers too.

And, by the way, I would assert most of those people just go away quietly, without any fuss or fanfare, and I would also guess that most are not the “bad” customers – they are your best customers, the ones that expect to be treated better, and are quietly disappointed.

So, what does this have to do with your business? Everything.awesome service

How do you show you care for your customers? You can’t just say, “of course, I care”. You have to show it. You have to have SYSTEMS imbedded in your culture, in your way of doing business that demonstrate that every day.

Stay tuned for my next Blog and how you can Systematize your values of caring so that your customers really do get that you care!




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