Actions That Count

Although our Primary Purpose at ControllershipPLUS is to give great results to our clients, our Passionate Purpose is to support some amazing children without parents in Kenya, Africa.

We believe these children have something profound to teach us in the West…

…like how to create with very limited (which is an understatement) resources. To value education. To live with unconditional love and unbridled joy in just being alive. (And these are kids who have been traumatized by some pretty life jarring circumstances, as in losing both parents through abandonment or HIV/AIDS).

At ControllershipPLUS we have partnered with Innovative Communities.Org, a registered Charity based in Victoria, B.C. to support these kids.

Through Innovative Communities.Org (ICO) you can join us in supporting kids without parents, and even visit there as a volunteer. To find out more, we have created a website to profile this ICO project. Just click the icon below.