Now Is the Time to Connect More Than Sell

I get requests to connect on LinkedIn. I look at their profile. I accept a few.

Then, even from the few, I get slammed. With a pitch.

These days it seems everyone (on LinkedIn) cannot…stop…themselves…from pitching. It is so annoying.

I accept their request. And, it is 10-9-8-7…

“Hi Mark, thanks you for connecting. It is unprecedented times today! (Really? Wow, thanks for letting me know…I hadn’t noticed). Aside from what I see on your profile, I’d like to chat and find out how I and xxxxx can best help your organization; perhaps with a quick phone call (Normally I’d suggest a coffee, but we are living in a different world at the moment). Thoughts? Stay Healthy, xxxx”.

Except the italics, that message is word-for-word one I got the other day.

Please do not do that. Ever.

You send a request to connect to someone on LinkedIn. They accept.

You message this: “thanks, John, for accepting my request. Kind regards, Mark”

That’s it. No more.

Future messages can be to offer help. To see where they need help. To connect rather than engage for a sale.

This is a great way to offer to be of service at any time. There is a cliché saying: “people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy”.

Connecting builds relationships. Selling repels.

Here is a great blog referencing Mark Cuban on the same message:

Connect Don’t Sell

Thanks for reading…