Declining Educational Standards Effect Business

I recently read an article that quite frankly shocked me. I didn’t think that our educational standards were quite so low in Canada. Nor did I realize that it impacts business as much as the article I have linked below implies.

One thing I have noticed in Canada is how poor our technical infrastructure is. The cell phone network in Canada is dismal compared to Kenya, Africa. Yes, you read that right.

The great country of Canada, the birthplace of the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, has worse cell phone coverage than Kenya. A lot worse.

When I work from Kenya and call my clients, or do a Zoom call, often my clients are apologizing for the weak connection and dropped calls.

When I work from Salt Spring Island the cell phone coverage is horrid on both Telus and Rogers. One of our Team Members in Nanaimo can only use her cell phone with Wi-Fi calling, a kind of piggy-backing on the Internet coverage to make the cell phone calls tolerable.

We have clients in West Vancouver, Toronto, White Rock, all whom have weak cell phone and even poor internet coverage.

And, by the way, when I say Kenya leads Canada in this area, I am not talking about the large city of Nairobi, I am talking about sparsely populated rural farming communities where we work from!

Ok, back to the topic at hand – education in secondary universities and the impact on business. Some of you may disagree with the author’s obvservations, I would welcome your feedback.

Here is the article:


Thanks for reading…