Covid 19 Messaging Dos and Don’ts

Are you like me? Feeling slammed by emails from:
• Software companies
• Banks
• Suppliers
• Banks 😊
• Prospectors

Are you a bit weary of the “we feel for you” messaging from…well… everyone? Me too!

It is hard to know how often to reach out to your customers. And, what to say, exactly.

A few days ago, I got a lighthearted, “trying to be a wee bit funny”, email. It was from a top executive at a major credit union.

Ummm, no Covid is not that funny. Not for people losing a family member, their job, or their business.
Not funny at all.

Are there business opportunities now? Yes! Is it all “doom and gloom”. No, there are many moving and touching stories.

I just read a great blog on marketing dos and don’ts during a pandemic. Here it is:
Covid 19 Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Thanks for reading…I hope this helps…