Are We A Lazy Generation?

Our ancestors worked hard.

They fought hard to achieve their dreams.

My mother just died on February 17th of this year at age 93.  She left a few hundred thousand dollars for her 4 kids.

My dad had grade 8 education. My mom worked part-time off and on while raising us four.

They travelled to Europe about 4 times. Many trips to Hawaii and Mexico.

I did their taxes for years and was always amazed at the wad of tax receipts that they sent me. Salvation Army, United Church, Operation Eyesight, Heart & Stroke Foundation. And much more…

They didn’t just give their money. They gave their time. They donated thousands and thousands of hours to Meals on Wheels and other charities, well into their eighties.

They paid for all of us to get a university education.

It is truly unbelievable what they did with so little!

Have I done as much with the God given, parent given, and societal given gifts freely bestowed on me?

No. Not even close.

It looks like more. I broke through the business barrier in our family – first one to start a business, hire employees, and sustain it over a long period of time with reasonable profits.

However, I think we may be the first generation in hundreds of years to be sliding into mediocre and laziness. I think most of us – in our self-reflective ¬†moments – are avoiding hard work because we don’t understand the joy of sacrifice. The bliss of hard work. The joy of giving. We are selfish and lazy. Ok, I admit I am generalizing here. I will own up. I am lazy and selfish. Maybe you are not.

I know there is so much more I can do, achieve, save, give to others.

I look at most businesses today and I see no soul, no heart, no love, no service, no awesomeness. Laziness. Whoops I’m pointing the finger again.

Well, tough. It had to be said. It’s time for our generation to stand up for greatness. Work harder. Get up earlier. Give more. Sweat a bit more. Stop being so wimpy about work and effort.

Our families, our businesses, our communities, our Churches, our world deserve nothing less.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start living your greatness! It is never too late to start! What will your legacy be?


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