An Exciting New Development for Road Warriors

I love technology when it creates efficiencies and scalability for work-flows. I am a bit of a road warrior in the sense that our business is 100% virtual, and I work from 4 different locations around the world – Salt Spring Island, downtown Vancouver, Naxos Island, Greece, and Kenya, Africa.

My work station and tools are portable and identical in each location. A Surface Pro 4, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, a light, thin ASUS USB monitor to give me 2 screens, a Surface Pro hub to attach lots of extras, a Logitech camera for Zoom calls, and a small USB lamp to work at night. I also have a high-speed Huawei modem for work in Africa.

I have a really cool accessory bag with little straps to tuck in all the many cords I need to carry.

Airport Security

I have a method of getting through security at airports quickly. The accessory bag gets flipped open, and the Surface Pro tossed in container.  I wear sandals to slip off quickly, no belt (jogging pants). It is all well planned!

When I get to where we are heading, I feel at home quickly because my work station is exactly the same as at “home”.

Although I love being home on Salt Spring Island, some years ago, after spending many months in Africa, home became just where I am, even a hotel room for 1 night is home. Home is where my wife and I happen to be.

Your Phone as Computer

I just found out a new development (this may become the next wave of how people work?) related to your phone becoming your main work station!

What? How does that work?

I stumbled on it by mistake. My Samsung S8 software was recently updated to the latest Android Pie. It added an app called Samsung Dex.

After researching what it does, I discovered it is an app that projects a full desktop experience onto an attached USB monitor.

So with a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and a small docking port to keep the phone charging you have a full work station!

There are some apps that have not been optimized yet to work with Samsung Dex, however you can do emails, and use cloud-based accounting software on the Internet. You can also use Excel, Word and lots more in a full-screen experience.

Samsung phones are known to be fast with large hard-drives, so it makes sense.

This could be the wave of the future – ultra thin screens, phones as computers, and thin wireless peripherals.

The only downside is – don’t lose your phone!!

I am going to test this soon as a backup – for example, rather than setting up my full system in an airport lounge, I could just hook my phone to a thin USB monitor and work from my phone with ease. It will also be a backup in case my Surface Pro were to malfunction.


Thanks for reading…