6 Tricks and Tips Using Zoom Meeting

Zoom usage has exploded. Schools are using it to keep classrooms going. Zoom got some bad press a few days ago. People were hacking into meetings uninvited. Zoom has added some changes to its features for tight security.

Zoom has some cool features that can improve your experience. At ControllershipPLUS we have been using Zoom for over 3 years. It is a terrific tool we use multiple times a day…

In this Blog I will share with you some of those new security features. I will show you some cool extras as well! I am assuming that you have a little experience with Zoom.

#1 – Lock Your Meetings

This feature is available when your meeting starts. It was added to the meeting toolbar.

Let me demo with a screen shot:

When you click on it you will see this awesome button:

This is a fantastic feature, and I use it ALL the time. We have had clients pop into a meeting that wasn’t finished yet. This happens when two meetings are scheduled back-to-back. With the “lock meeting” feature that does not happen anymore!

#2 – Enable Waiting Room

This button puts each incoming participant into a “waiting room”. This is kind of like the “green room” for a TV Talk show. The guests go to a “green room”. They wait in there until the host is ready to bring them into the main room.

What is this for? This security feature makes sure you only let in invited guests.

After they enter, you have an option to add them to the main room.

#3 – Other Security Features

There are 3 other minor items on the new security button:

  1. Stopping your participants from being able to share their screen
  2. Stopping chatting
  3. No ability to re-name themselves

This last one – no chance to rename themselves – is a good one.  It is useful if someone snuck their way in. And renamed themselves as someone you may know.

#4 – Invite New People In

To invite someone into your meeting go to “manage participants” button. It is a great way to include people on-the-fly. You send the invite by email.

I will show you:

Then this dialogue box will appear:

Select your email provider. An email will pop up. It will have all the links and how to join by phone as well:

#5 – Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are awesome for small group discussion. Splitting people into smaller groups is great for training purposes. More will get done in a smaller group. This is a mimic of how large group trainers’ split people into small groups.


#6 – Cool Virtual Background Feature

For a bit of fun, you can change your background like a pro! This is useful when your home workspace is not super attractive.

This is how you do it:

Choose a stock photo or upload a favorite pic as a backdrop:

 Zoom is the best video-based meeting software out there. The video and audio are super high-quality. It is user friendly yet has enough features to run like a pro.

Thanks for reading…