3 Programs That Can Change Your Business

For a very long time I have wanted to figure out a way to get some powerful awesome service programs hosted online so our clients could access them and run them from the cloud…

We used to run these programs for our own Team as well as our clients. They are relatively expensive as well as labour intensive.

The great news is that I have been able to find a reasonably priced hosting platform and was able to get the videos into segments onto the site.

So, what exactly are these programs and how will they impact your business?

The programs are:

  1. Towards Awesome Service
  2. Phone Right, and,
  3. Building a Better Business

First, let’s talk about…

Towards Awesome Service

This program is about first understanding that it is the small, simple, little things that you do every day in your business that will elevate your service from good to great to extraordinary!

And, it is a small gap that separates great service from extraordinary, outstanding service.

That gap is bridged through the creation of Performance Standards.

However, before any business jumps in and creates its own unique Performance Standards, it must create the groundwork, the environment first.

One of the magical things about this program is that these standards emerge from your Team itself. The program guides and pulls out the desire living inside your Team to excel, to go the extra mile, and to provide those extras for your customers/clients.

It makes for a more fun work environment.

Performance Standards provide your business with these benefits:

  1. Everyone is now on the same playing field when it comes to the Rules of Your Game, in your unique business;
  2. You can manage your business by the standards not by personality;
  3. You will give your customers a consistently awesome experience – they will get the same high-level of service independent of the Team player.

It is important to note that Performance Standards must be able to be managed in physical reality. They cannot have any hint of a motherhood statement.

The best analogy is looking at the Rules of the Game in a sport. Rules in sports (or games) are defined very specifically, and once you and your fellow players know the Rules of the Sport, you would know when someone is not playing by a specific rule. This is where referees come in to ensure everyone is “playing by the rules”.

Rules in games are not “airy-fairy”; they are very granular and definable in reality.

Take hockey as an example, you are either offside or onside in any particular play. It is completely black and white.

In business, in a McDonald’s restaurant, either the order taker said, “would you like that super-sized?”, or they didn’t say it. No three ways about it!

It amazes me how businesses operate without any real “rules” around, “This Is How We Do It Here” at ABC Company. It is just expected that new Team members will figure it out through osmosis.

To conclude, the big takeaway from Towards Awesome Service, are embedded, documented Performance Standards that you will use to manage Performance in the Game of Awesome Service.

You will use them to train new Team members, and they will become self-managed by your Team as they love knowing what is expected of them from looking to the standards.

Anyone who refuses to play by your Rules can be counselled out very easily and objectively, without drama.

Next, let’s look at…

Phone Right

This terrific program can make a huge impact on not just how your phones are answered but in increasing the conversion rate from enquiry to sale for those businesses who have a lot of people calling to enquire about various aspects of your products/services.

Again, after running Phone Right, you will create Performance Standards.

The big difference between Phone Right and Towards Awesome Service is that many of the standards have been tested rigorously and scientifically over many years in many businesses.

They just work.

In fact, one Australian airline added $21.9 million in additional sales in just 10 months after running Phone Right!

Again, the Performance Standards are very granular – one standard is “Answer the phone on the second ring, smiling to the point of a grin”.

You can know with precise certainty whether that standard was being followed, or not.

And as a “referee” in your game, you can coach your Team by these standards as opposed to managing by “personality”.

When you manage by personality you will have some star performers (although each Star will be following their own “standards”) and some who struggle. By having documented Performance Standards, you will be able to run your business like a well-oiled hockey Team!

And, lastly, let’s talk about…

Building a Better Business

This program can help you, as business owner, to understand some core fundamentals that will help you to:

  • Keep your business simple;
  • Understand the 4 purposes of a business, and how that applies to your business;
  • Develop some unique strategies emerging from the 4 Purposes.

We recommend that this program be run with your Management Team to develop a unique, core Strategic focus for your business. It is not necessary to run with your entire Team.

And, now for…

The Nuts and Bolts

What we have put together here is a self-run online program with:

  1. Short streaming videos that do almost all of the work for you
  2. A fully downloadable Participants Guide to print one for each attendant at your workshop
  3. A Leader’s Guide to use to facilitate the program.

Ok, you may be thinking that you are not a Facilitator and have no training to run programs like this!

You may relax, as the videos do the work for you. All you have to do is acknowledge each participant’s contributions, and keep the conversation moving along to manage the time frames of each segment.

All this is carefully laid out in the Leader’s Guide.

These programs are timeless, and even though the videos are dated in terms of the style of dress, the hairdos and the big phones, nothing about awesome service principles have changed in business.

So, when you run these programs, have a laugh or two at the dated modes of dress, however, do not make the mistake of under-estimating the power of these programs and that they, well, just work, and work very powerfully.


The Offer

We used to charge (and this is 20 years ago) $3,500 per program. My goal has always been to offer these to our very special Controllership clients to help them grow an even better business.

Our offer is simple:

  • You will have access for a full 12 months to run the programs over and over with your Team;
  • You will only pay a very small fee to cover our out-of-pocket hosting costs, and that’s it;
  • Also, 100% of what you do pay will go as a donation to support Kenyan children and permaculture feeding programs at schools.

Again, please note that these programs can add to your profits – when you take them seriously and apply them – and also create a really fun engaged Team Culture.

To learn a bit more, please go to this link:

Rad Results Training Courses

**NOTE** we will give you a coupon to apply to get a massive discount on the listed prices on the site.

Thanks for reading…