Your Profit Improvement Potential

There are only 4 Ways to Grow a business. Any business. 

Finally, a straightforward Step-By-Step way to uncover the hidden Profits in your  business by discovering how the 4 Ways translates into key, simple numbers.

Once you see how much you are “missing out on” you will get excited to begin to build your business around this unique, focused and highly leveraged way of thinking.

Our unique Profit Improvement Potential Process is done in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1- Find your current numbers…

You may be thinking – what are my numbers? Can I get them off my Income Statement? Yes and no.

Relax, we will help. They are easy to obtain, however, in some cases you may have to guess and we will help guide you. It will take only a few minutes to gather your numbers.

Step 2 – Uncover the Hidden Potential in Your Business….

We will show you how small changes in these key numbers, based on The 4 Ways To Grow, will surprise you as to what is truly possible in your business. It may even stun you.

Step 3 – Develop some ideas to implement….

Finally, we will help you brainstorm some fun and simple ways you can create those additional profits in your business.

Now, for the easy part, as our gift to you, to show you how we work we are offering you this Profit Improvement Consultation on a complimentary basis (value is $497). There is no obligation to work with us (or pressure to do so) after your Profit Improvement Consultation. 

All you have to do is fill out the form below, and we will contact you within 24 hours to book it:

Bookkeeping + Controllership

You are in business to get new customers, ensure they keep coming back, create raving fans for your business and have fun doing all that. Bookkeeping is not on the list.

And therein lies the challenge – too many businesses rely on unqualified, partially trained and unsupervised bookkeepers leading to turnover, audits, over (and under) remitted taxes, unreliable reports, just to name a few.

At ControllershipPLUS we provide professional bookkeeping PLUS Controllership services, giving you a full package of services at not much more than you’d pay for a full-time bookkeeper.

We have leveraged technology to be available for you “full-time” for a part-time fee, and with our Controllership expertise you get:

  • Assurance the bookkeeping is accurate and reliable
  • Stunning, color, interactive reports with trends, Key Performance Indicators, cash-flow analysis
  • Coaching monthly based on your numbers to help you achieve your goals
  • A Fixed Fee, no surprise billing that includes everything you need/want
  • Proactive goal-seek analysis to develop 3 key strategic steps each month to move you closer to your goals

Click the “First Steps” button to find out how we can help you achieve your goals and relieve you of the burden of managing your accounting department.

Controllership Only

When you reach a certain size you need more than a bookkeeper – you need a Controller too.

The challenge is cost. A full-time Controller/CFO is very expensive.

At ControllershipPLUS we have leveraged technology and passed the savings on to you. Using cloud technology we can easily manage all your bookkeeping and give you stunning, color, interactive reports to help you achieve your most important business goals.

Using the 4 Ways to Grow mindset and working with your numbers and break-even plus profit analysis we will coach you weekly/monthly to improve your results and help get you to where you plan to go in your business.

Our Controllers will work with your existing bookkeeper ensuring that the numbers are 100% accurate and reliable for tax reporting, business analysis and decision making, and reporting.

Find out today how we can help you grow your business, giving you peace of mind.