WebSitePics At ControllershipPLUS! we have created “The Accounting Firm of The Future”, combining the best traditions of the past (awesome service with honesty and integrity) with the exciting technology and business practices of the 21st Century (online anytime anywhere access to your records with cutting-edge reporting).


We have been in business continuously since 1986 and have evolved from a company doing outsourced bookkeeping and Financial Controllership in the 1980s at our clients’ place of business using laptop computers. From there we purchased a traditional public accounting firm specializing in corporate and personal tax and year-end financial statements, and, finally – full circle- to our passion – full-service monthly ControllershipPLUS! Business Packages.

It’s a well known fact that most businesses (including those with even 50-75 employees) do not have any qualified professional accountant look at their books until after the year-end! This means that lying dormant within all these businesses’ books are hidden opportunities as well as hidden costs. And the only way to uncover them is by providing an affordable service that brings us into day-to-day contact with our clients’ books.

So, about thirteen years ago, we invested significant sums of money and time in the latest proven technology (dedicated servers, high-speed scanners, document transfer software, and more) in order to provide a comprehensive monthly Financial Controllership Package. As well, we developed a proprietary set of reports that include Trend, Ratio, Cash-Flow and Break-Even analysis. We interpret these (along with other standard accounting reports (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss, etc.) each month for our clients.

So, what are some of the features of the “The Accounting Firm of The Future” you may well be wondering? Here are some of the features:

  • Pricing our services in the form of up-front Fixed Price Fees (not like most accounting firms that charge by the hour, with no end in sight);
  • Providing unconditional service guarantees;
  • Offering a comprehensive broad range of services to a select group of clients;
  • Providing meaningful monthly business advice to our clients (as opposed to annual).