The Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting

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At ControllershipPLUS we are pioneers in cloud-based accounting systems, and huge fans of it… We started putting our clients “in the cloud” in late 1999. Back then we had a “little” server farm – run out of a walk-in safe with steel doors, and an ancient tumbler lock built in 1892. Not exactly what I […]

Systems – Where to Begin

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When creating Systems for your business, most people are overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin… Operations first? Human resources? Finance? Marketing? Admin? None of the above. They are all critically important, true. And, it is not where I would begin. Here is where you will get the biggest impact in creating systems that […]

Why Systems?

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Systems – to be effective – must be (1) simple, (2) detailed, and, (3) duplicable. The heart of systems are Performance Standards. To elevate a company from mediocre to Great, Performance Standards must be related to physical reality. In other words, you know when they are being followed if you videotaped someone adhering to them. They […]

2015 Goal Achievement

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Did you make 2015 New Year’s Resolutions? Yes? Did you write them down? Great! Keep going! Did you share them with a friend? Super-duper, your odds of accomplishment are going up slightly. Are they specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and with a date attached? Yes? Wowsa, you are really an exception. Now, here is the crux. […]